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AATCC Textile Discovery Summit Listopad 15 - 19, 2021

AATCC Textile Discovery Summit

AATCC is celebrating 100 years of serving the textile industry! We will be there for this Week of Celebration. 

Visit X-Rite at AATCC Textile Discovery Summit

Planning to attend at AATCC Textile Discovery Summit November 15-19th in Durham, NC? Stop by our tabletop to see how X-Rite’s technology and services help brands and global suppliers stay connected from design, specification, formulation, and quality control. Our Color Experts will be offering demos, answering questions, and sharing our current trade-in and upgrade promotions.

Featured Color Measurement Solutions:

  • Ci7800: This top-of-the-line benchtop is the textile supply chain instrument of choice, delivering ≤0.08 average dE* inter-instrument agreement and repeatability of ≤0.01 dE* to meet tight color tolerances.
  • Ci64: Our most precise and accurate handheld sphere spectrophotometer to measure textile surfaces, the Ci64 is available in multiple configurations with simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss, and a UV option.
  • MetaVue VS3200: A non-contact imaging benchtop spectrophotometer with on-screen targeting to capture the precise spot of measurement and Smart Spot technology to eliminate shadows and defects for accurate measurements on textured and multi-colored textiles.
  • i1Pro 3 Plus: A handheld spectrophotometer specifically designed to calibrate and profile a variety of textile substrates, including organic, synthetic, weaves, and sublimation sheets, for digital print applications.
  • i1iO: A robotic, automatic chart reading system that works with i1Pro 3 Plus measure reflective test charts on a variety of substrates up to 10 mm thick, including textiles.

Featured Software Solutions: 

  • PANTORA: Go beyond color to capture full material appearance and preview how it will look on a finished design with the PANTORA desktop application. PANTORA connects digital material input sources with output destinations such as third-party 3D rendering software and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems.
  • Color iQC: Quality control software to help textile specifiers and suppliers achieve consistent color throughout the entire textile supply chain. 
  • Color iMatch: The industry’s smartest formulation engine, Color iMatch intelligently processes color data to provide optimal initial color matches and reduce wasteful formulation attempts. Try the ROI calculator to see how much you can save. (https://www.xrite.com/page/imatch-roi-calculator) 
  • NetProfiler: A blend of cloud database, client software and calibrated color standards that makes it easy to validate and optimize instrument performance, identify instruments in need of service, and reduce variation between devices.

Stop by our booth to see demos, ask questions, and find out about our current trade-in and upgrade promotions!

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