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Founded with the mission to help dealers and their end users in the printing industry improve color performance, the Pilot Marketing Group is very selective of when choosing solutions to recommend to customers. 

After a significant amount of testing and competitive assessment, Dave Hunter - the founder of Pilot Marketing Group - identified the eXact Scan as a recommended product because of it's ability to deliver accurate data, in addition to achieving consistent measurements of 0.2 ∆E measuring the same target 50 times. 

  • “I am extremely impressed with the accuracy of the eXact in scan mode. Quickly measuring the same target 50 times has yielded a 0.2 peak ΔE. eXact Scan will play a significant role in my businss in the coming years.” - Dave Hunter, Pilot Marketing
Download this free case study to learn more about Pilot Marketing Group's success with X-Rite instrumentation. 

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X-Rite eXact Standard, eXact spectrophotometer, exact spectro

eXact Standard

Spektrofotometr do pomiarów na papierze i tekturze

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