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A leading consumer goods company with multiple brands and brand colors battled time and cost inefficiencies with the use of a proprietary color library, and lacked process standardization when it came to creating, communicating and managing their brand colors. Sound familiar to you?


What You Will Learn:

Read this proven example of how a world-renown consumer goods company utilized our globally-recognized hardware, software, services and team of experts to complete the following:

  • Consolidate an unwieldly color library and map resulting consolidated color set to widely-recognized Pantone colors that are easier and cheaper to produce
  • Leverage digital color standards (PantoneLIVE) to standardize the process for which colors are communicated and managed across their entire global packaging supply chain
  • Roll-out the enhanced Color and Print Quality program to a global network of print suppliers to ensure all are in compliance with new equipment and process requirements
  • This case study is best for any individual responsible for designing, executing and/or managing brand colors on packaging

By reading this case study, you will understand how X-Rite Pantone partners with brands of all sizes to optimize Color and Print Quality Programs, ultimately improving time to market and achieving cost savings across the workflow.

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