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Virtual Material Service

Material Scanning Service

Let X-Rite experts handle the physical material scanning for you. Transform your samples into highly accurate digital material data files for use in 3D rendering applications.

Virtual Materials with Unmatched Realism

TAC7 scanning enables the measurement of color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics, which are stored in a highly realistic, accurate and precise digital material data format. This Appearance eXchange Format (AxF) enables designers and manufacturers the ability to fully characterize and render a range of materials, from special-effects automotive paints, to fabrics and plastics. Leverage X-Rite scanning service experts to accurately capture the appearance properties of physical material samples and deliver a rapid return on investment by significantly reducing costs and design approval time associated with the development and distribution of multiple physical samples. 


  • Minimize the time needed to manage a library of physical samples by leveraging highly accurate digital file formats that accurately capture appearance characteristics 
  • Use the services-based approach in environments requiring scanning for a limited number of samples annually to minimize the need to invest in equipment
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Want to improve the consistency of your material renderings?

Integrate the PANTORA Material Hub into your design visualization workflow to create, manage, share, and edit a centralized library of digital materials.

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"To turn the vision of a fully automated Car-Configurator process into reality, TAC is essential. X Rite's solution enables us to reach true-to-life quality images to replicate highlights in a car's paint job." - Dr. Markus Denny, Head of Digital Image Factory

"At the core of our material process is a flexible solution for easily creating, processing and providing virtual materials easily in a multitude of different systems with the ultimate level of realistic depiction. Solutions from our partner X-Rite help us to accomplish this task." - Jan Pflüger, Digital Retail / After Sales IT Solutions

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TAC7 Scanner


For Scanning Appearance Characteristics

The TAC7 scanner captures and stores color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics of physical material samples.

PANTORA Software | Create Virtual Materials and File Formats


For Creating Virtual Materials and File Formats

The PANTORA desktop application enables users to capture, store, manage, view and edit virtual materials and digitally exchange them via a vendor neutral Appearance Exchange (AxF) file format.

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