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User Groups in Web Edition - Some Definitions

User groups in X-RiteColor Master Web Edition are used to control which users can see which data.  Each user within a group can see any samples entered by any member of the group.  Users can not see samples that were entered by users who are not members within the same group.  Any given user can belong to any number of groups. 



Group 1

User 1

 User 2
 User 3
Group 2User 1
 User 4

In the example above, User 1 would be able to see sample data from all 4 users, while User 4 would only see data from User 1 and User 4, and Users 2 & 3 would be able to see the data of Users 1, 2, & 3.

The groups are created by accessing the X-Admin Database Administrator on the server.  All new users are added to the Administrators group by default.  A user who does not belong to any groups will only see his own sample data.

All standards, customers, and projects can be accessed by all users, regardless of group membership.

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