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How to apply new ColorChecker reference data in third-party applications?

If you are using a new ColorChecker Classic or SG chart (November 2014 or newer) in third-party applications for scanner or camera profiling purposes and needing help on how to get the new reference data into the application, please contact the vendor of the application.

Hint for power users: Most applications supporting the ColorChecker Charts for calibration / profiling purposes include the reference data as a CGATS text file, which are located in the application’s program folder. Try to locate this file, make a backup copy and then replace it by the new reference data file for your new ColorChecker chart. If the replaced file will not work, open the old and the new file in a Text Editor, compare the file header structure and if necessary edit the text of the new file to the appropriate structure of the old file.

The former and new reference files for ColorChecker Classic and SG can be downloaded here:

New color specifications for ColorChecker SG and Classic Charts

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