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MonacoQCcolor Network Suite

Download:MonacoQCcolor Network Suite

Version: v1.5.1

Previous Version:1.4.1

Release Date:6/19/2006

File Type: PC - EXE, Mac - EXE

Download: PC Version   Mac Version



Please note: The client is at version 1.5.1, both the server and ColorShop X are at version 1.5.

Software suite for verifying and analyzing color proofs, in both local and remote proofing systems. Colors are matched against a standard stored in the MonacoQCcolor database and graded Pass/Fail, based on a user-defined tolerance.

MonacoQCcolor Server allows system administrator to create and manage MonacoQCcolor database

MonacoQCcolor client connects users to the MonacoQCcolor Server

ColorShop X Analyze provides quality analysis package including all features of ColorShop X and provides connectivity to a MonacoQCcolor Server to retrieve, analyze, and plot data over time

You may test drive this version of MonacoQCcolor for 14-days at no charge. Download the file and then follow the simple installation procedures outlined below. After test driving MonacoQCcolor Suite, you may purchase a copy from the X-Rite online store, or by calling X-Rite Sales at 877-94-X-RITE, ext. 57 or contact your X-Rite Sales Office in your area.

There are two seperate installations required, the MonacoQCcolor Suite and the Database Server.

MonacoQCcolor (Mac) is an OS X native application. To install, double click the disk image file which mounts a virtual disk. Open the virtual disk and double click the "MonacoQCcolor Suite Install". When complete double click "QCColor Server Install".

            MonacoQCcolor requires Mac OS X.2 or higher to run.

MonacoQCcolor (PC) - Simply double-click on the self-extracting zip to access the program installers.

For users who have purchased a copy of MonacoQCcolor only.

MonacoQCcolor must be registered from the computer on which you wish to run the software. An automatic registration screen will appear when you launch the program. Complete the required information and then click the SUBMIT button. The AUI number is located on the back of the MonacoQCcolor software case. Be sure you enter this number carefully as this is your individual proof-of-purchase required in order to unlock the features you have purchased. MonacoQCcolor will operate for 14 days without registration. If the registration process has not been completed in this time frame, MonacoQCcolor will cease to operate.

If you experience difficulties registering your copy of MonacoQCcolor online contact X-Rite Customer Support at gisupport@x-rite.com You may also call X-Rite at 888-826-3059 or from outside North America call 616-534-7663 or contact your local X-Rite office.

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