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MetaVue Open Source Packages v1.0

Download: Open Source Packages for MetaVue (VS3100)

Version: v1.0 (build 1.0.1597)

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: 00/00/1111

File Type: Linux Compressed TAR (.tar.gz)

Download: PC Version

Notes: MetaVue_OpenSourcePackages.tar.gz is delivered as a Linux compressed tarball (.tar.gz) archive. The file contains complete source code packages licensed under GPL/LGPL including the MetaVue product specific modifications to the original open source.

It is important when implementing that you also download the OpenSourceLicenses.tar.gz which contain all license texts of all built-in open source packages in MetaVue.

Attention: The OpenSourcePackage file is very large: > 2 gigabytes!

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