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MA98 Firmware Loader v1.3.2147

Download: MA98 Firmware Loader

Version: v1.3.2147

Previous Version: v1.3.2115

Release Date: 2/24/2014

File Type: PC - Executable

Download: PC Version


This firmware loader requires Driver version 2.2.1 to be installed first. To download the new driver, please click here.

Download (save) the file to your desktop or a temporary folder. Following the download, close all other programs including your browser before performing the install. To complete the installation, connect your MA98 to your computer via the USB cable. You should also connect your MA98 to the power supply, then double-click on the file to run the firmware installer.


New Features:

  • Addition of Korean language support, available within the configuration language options.
  • Updated Loader, One-Click installer now offers EN/FR/IT/GE/SP/CS/JA/KO languages.

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