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eXact DataMeasure for PC v1.3.2.15

Name: eXact DataMeasure for PC

Version: v1.3.2.15

Previous Version: v1.3.2.5

Release Date: février 27, 2019

File Type: PC: Self-extracting EXE

Télécharger: PC Version


This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • New: Added support for simultaneous M1 (part 2) measurements
  • New: Added display of spot density calculations
  • New: Taking a paper measurement is no longer required before performing a scan, depending on user settings
  • New: Scan data can be exported directly to Excel
  • Improved: Scan settings are now saved
  • Numerous Bug fixes

This software should only be used with firmware version 4.0.6746 or higher.

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