You know the buzz phrase – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – but do you know what it means for your manufacturing process?

Here are the top three ways you may be sabotaging your sustainability efforts throughout your color control process.



Not monitoring color throughout production leads to expensive rework and wasted raw materials.




Incorrect colorant formulation. Are you using too much? Are you wasting the leftovers?




Sending color samples back and forth and long approval cycles have a big impact on a company’s carbon footprint.


Being sustainable means that you take into consideration your business needs as well as those of our environment and future generations. X-Rite wants to make you successful in your sustainability efforts. Not only will our earth benefit from your greener manufacturing processes, but your budget will too, and so will we.


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Four Ways to Achieve Sustainable Manufacturing

Learn about how color measurement devices, color formulation and quality assurance software, digital ecosystems, and color and appearance technology all play a role in green manufacturing.

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