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X-Rite and LG link up to bring direct purchase access to LG’s network of B2B display experts, distributors, and customers. Together we have simplified the process of acquiring the needed tools in order to support LG medical displays and video wall products.

Medical Displays

32HL512D-B, 21HK512D-B diagnostic and 27HJ712C-W, 27HJ713C-B clinical display information

LG PerfectLum (32HL512D-B)

LG PerfectLum [Windows Download]

LG PerfectLum [Mac OS Download]

LG PerfectLum (21HK512D-B)

LG PerfectLum [Windows Download]

LG PerfectLum [Mac OS Download]

LG True Color Pro (27HJ712C-W, 27HJ713C-B)

True Color Pro [Windows Download]

True Color Pro Sensor Driver [Windows Download]

True Color Pro [Mac OS Download]

 LG Monitors

Video Wall Products

49/55VL5F-A, 55SVM5F-H, 55SVH7PF-H, 55SVH7F, 55VM5E-A, 55VH7E-A, 49VM5C, 55VX1D Video Walls.

LG SuperSign WB (White Balance)

LG SuperSign Software Resource Center

 LG Monitors 2


This offer is open to the U.S. and Canada, enabling the purchase of the X-Rite i1Display Pro OEM version calibrator at partner-only discounts. The i1Display Pro OEM version calibrator is the leading professional solution for all types of displays. The i1Display Pro OEM version is compatible with LG PerfectLUM, LG True Color Pro and LG SuperSign software applications.


i1Display Pro X-Rite SKU: i1D3DC+OEM         (MSRP $279)    $195.30     Buy Now

* X-Rite software is not included with the OEM version, the OEM version will not work with X-Rite Display Software 


Enter the promo code from LG during checkout to apply your discount.

Online purchase is not available in Canada. Please contact Sales (888) 800-9580

Technical Questions? 

X-Rite Support (888) 826-3042

LG Support (888) 865-3026

LG Support (888-865-3026)

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