What is color control?

Color control is the process of controlling color throughout an imaging, print, or manufacturing workflow. Successful color control programs use hardware and software to communicate, measure, and monitor the accuracy of color from initial color specification by a brand owner or designer through production in a print shop or manufacturing plant. This process often includes a spectrophotometer to measure the color of raw materials, color standards and samples; software to formulate colorants and control the quality of color throughout the process; and a lightbooth to visualize how the color will appear under all possible lighting conditions.

What is the benefit of color control?

A successful color control program makes it easy to achieve the target color throughout a production workflow with minimal waste and rework. This means the color that is specified is the same color that appears in the final product. For global brands, this also means the same color can be produced by suppliers and in manufacturing plants around the world so all components of the final product match when assembled.

Does your company need to start controlling color or improve your current color control process?

Color is tricky to control, and mistakes can happen anytime, anywhere – during specification, formulation, manufacturing, assembly, quality control, or (worst case scenario) all of the above. These mistakes can be caused by incorrect color communication, inconsistent color control procedures, and even human error. Each mistake adds up to wasted time and materials and lost customers. If you’re encountering waste and rework during production, you may benefit from new tools or an enhanced workflow to control color.

Would you like to learn more about color control?

Since every color workflow is different, X-Rite offers scalable and customizable solutions to control color. We’ve also compiled a wealth of color education and industry knowledge in our Resource Center to help you create and successfully control your own color program.

Get in touch to speak with a Color Expert about your color workflow, or visit our Resource Center to learn more about color control. 

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