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Total appearance is much more than just color. It is the visual sensation through which an object is perceived and encompasses not only color but size, texture, gloss, transparency and opacity. X-Rite Pantone, the global leader in color science and technology, has taken an ambitious step beyond color to tackle the more significant challenge of capturing and managing appearance characteristics to help you achieve a higher level of accuracy in virtual material visualization.

Traditionally, the capture and virtual rendering of material appearance has been a challenging and time-consuming manual process. Find out how our Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem reduces the early stage need for physical comparison and time-consuming, more subjective manual material scans, and can redefine required skill sets from analog to digital, as well as extend the possibilities of design. TAC enables appearance data to be quickly, and iteratively re-imagined across objects and lighting contexts to allow cooperative exploration and decision making while providing the tools needed to elevate creative thinking.

Dr. Marc Ellens, Senior Software Engineer and TAC Specialist at X-Rite, and Thomas Meeker, 3D Solutions Architect, will share the latest innovations in Total Appearance Capture (TAC) technology and explain how to capture and virtualize materials that have the exact same visual characteristics as their physical counterparts.

In this free webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Accurately virtualize complex materials
  • Accelerate design with fewer adjustments to scanned materials
  • Leverage immersive 3D visualization to streamline approvals
  • Shorten turnaround cycles and reduce waste from design to production


About the Presenters:

Dr. Marc Ellens has been involved in X-Rite Pantone’s research and development efforts, going beyond color toward the capture and reproduction of appearance for more than 10 years. Ellens has presented at the Nvidia GPU Technology conference, Autodesk’s Automotive Innovation Forums, and the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference. He is named in three patents related to material visualization and reproduction. He received his BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Calvin College, and his PhD in Computer Aided Geometric Design from the University of Utah.

Thomas Meeker is the 3D Solutions Architect for X-Rite North America supporting the Total Appearance Capture (TAC) ecosystem. As a Technical Artist and Designer, he has a rich background in 3D modeling and animation that he is able to effectively apply in his X-Rite role to help product developers and manufacturers migrate to a more digital future.

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PANTORA Software | Create Virtual Materials and File Formats


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