Whether you are using an older version of Color iMatch Software or looking for a new formulation solution, register for this webinar to learn how you can streamline workflows, improve formulation efficiency and reduce wasted time and materials.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn…

  1. How we have completely re-engineered our multi-flux engine to be the industry's smartest formulation software. 
  2. How the software's formulation rules, gamut viewer, and enhanced Batch Recycle functionality accelerate matching, allowing your team to reduce costs.
  3. How the revolutionary new Search and Correct functionality accurately identifies candidate formulates.

Produits référencés dans ce webinaire

Color iMatch

Pour la formulation des plastiques, peintures et textiles


Pour des mesures plus précises


Pour la vérification et l'optimisation de la performance spectrophotométrique

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