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Watch the X-Rite / Reprograf-Grafikus webinar series in Polish language to learn which tools and tricks will help you to get the most out of your device. Watch 1 or all 4 webinars in the "Colorful Cup of Tea with X-Rite and Reprograf-Grafikus" series!

Colorful Cup of Tea with X-Rite and Reprograf-Grafikus - Webinar #2: eXact Manager Tools

Utilise this free application to manage device configuration and gain easy entry into the digital color workflow.

Print and Packaging producers can manage and standardize their production based on color measurement. Customers and brands can easily establish color specifications to remove subjectivity, simplify the color workflow and lower overall color management costs using simple tools and tricks for measuring color with an eXact spectrophotometer. Learn what to do when you enter the color workflow and use the eXact spectrophotometer only.

You Will Learn:

  • How to get maximum functionality from eXact Manager
  • How to connect to PantoneLIVE for free using eXact Manager software
  • How to create printing jobs in eXact Manager
  • How to always have the latest firmware version in your device

Watch this webinar to learn more about our free eXact Manager software; an indispensable tool for users at all stages in the Print and Packaging workflow.

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Webinar in Polish

Produits référencés dans ce webinaire

X-Rite eXact Standard, eXact spectrophotometer, exact spectro

eXact Standard

Spectrophotomètre pour utilisation sur le papier et le carton

XRite eXact Advanced

eXact Advanced

Spectrophotomètre pour les encres, l’impression et l’emballage

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