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Top Blog Posts of 2016

December 13, 2016 by Tim Mouw

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to reminisce… to celebrate our successes, and to explore areas that may need a little more attention in 2017.

If color accuracy is on your list of things to improve, this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the blogs our readers found most helpful and interesting in 2016, so you can start working toward your goal of more accurate color in the New Year.

Did your favorite blog make the list?

Top 10 X-Rite Blogs of 2016


#1:  X-Rite Color Detective: The Red Ball Mystery

Red BallWith so many color mysteries out there, we thought it was time to do some investigating of our own in the mysterious realm of color. (If you think this ball is red, you should definitely check out this blog…)


#2:  What Is Metamerism, And Why Should You Care?

Metamerism is a phenomenon that occurs when two colors appear to match under one lighting condition, but not when the light changes. Learn why this is important and how to control it for color evaluation.


#3:  Which Color Is The Hardest To Control?

The data captured by spectrophotometers allow designers, brand owners, manufacturers, and quality control professionals to precisely communicate color and ensure it stays accurate throughout production. Can you guess which color is the hardest to measure and control?

#4:  Are You Using The Right Tolerancing Method?

To help make color decisions, color acceptability limits called tolerances can be set as guidelines for how much perceived color difference is acceptable. But even then, customers and suppliers still find themselves disagreeing. Learn why.



#5:  Why Does It Take So Long To Produce New Car Colors?

blue becomes a hot automotive color in 2016Producing a new auto color is a long, tedious process for designers, paint companies, and auto manufacturers. Learn how innovative color measurement technology is changing the game and speeding up time to market.



#6:  5 Color Evaluation Pitfalls To Avoid

Light booth Evaluation Problems

If you work in an industry where color accuracy is important, you know that lighting plays a huge role in how you perceive color. These tips will help you make your visual evaluation program the best it can be.



#7:  How The Pantone® Extended Gamut Guide Helps Printers

pantone extended color gamut is becoming more popular in printingExtended gamut printing is becoming more and more popular in the printing industry. This blog explains how the Pantone EXTENDED GAMUT Guide helps printers and designers predict how close of a match is possible when using 7-color process in place of spot inks.



#8:  Staying Current With Standards In Print And Packaging

Murray-Davies Formula is the traditional way to narrow band density

Standards can help you set clear expectations for clients, solve problems in your workflow, and improve productivity. Ray Cheydleur, our U.S. and international standards expert, shares insights about what is new and important.


#9:  Five Tips For Using Your Spectro Press Side

it is important to calibrate your spectroIn a perfect world, you should be able to put ink in the press and run a job. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, but this blog can help you overcome some of the variables that affect color in printing operations.


#10:  2015’s Top 5 Color Management Concerns

xrite; xrite pantone; x-rite; x-rite color solutions; x-rite headquarters; x-rite grand rapids

Here’s an interesting twist – one of our most popular blogs in 2016 was the 2015 Top Five Blog list! Turn back time to discover what your color colleagues were most interested in learning in 2015.



Didn’t see your favorite 2016 blog? Interested in a specific topic for 2017?

Reach out to us through our website or social media. We would love to address your color questions in an upcoming blog!

Happy New Year!

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