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Safely Measure Color on Cups and Cylinders

July 17, 2019 by Bob Binder

Controlling color on cylindrical-shaped items like cups, cans, and tubes is a challenge because it’s hard to properly align the measurement device with the sample. Many printers and manufacturers cut a piece from the finished product and lay it flat to take a measurement. While this method works, each sample takes time to cut, wastes product, and risks the safety of the employees who are cutting the samples. 

A Faster, Safer Solution

X-Rite’s Cup and Cylinder Fixture works with the X-Rite eXact and Ci6x Families of handheld spectrophotometers. It includes a shelf to hold the device and a sample-positioning arm to hold cylindrical-shaped samples at the correct height and angle for color measurement. Not only does it save the time and waste associated with cutting samples, it minimizes the risk of injury to employees.

  1. The Cup and Cylinder Fixture holds a cylindrical sample horizontally and on the same plane as the device, in perfect measurement position.
  2. The arm can be customized with three offsets to accommodate samples -.025, -.045, or -.100 inches thick.
  3. The device sits on the stand with the aperture aligned over the sample, which can be moved and turned to measure different locations.
  4. The top surface of the sample-positioning arm is flat, allowing flexible samples to flatten against the surface during measurement.
  5. The arm of the fixture is covered with Munsell backing material for consistent measurements on transparent samples, and to keep background color from interfering when measuring samples that are not 100% opaque. 

Integration with the Ci6x Family

When used with the Ci6x Family, the Cup and Cylinder Fixture can measure textured, reflective, translucent, and transparent samples using ISO-compliant Munsell backing material.

Integration with the eXact Family

When used with the eXact Family, the Cup and Cylinder Fixture can help you measure a wide array of opaque materials, including plastic, foam, film, and paper. 

Calculate Your Sustainable Savings

For one X-Rite customer who prints plastic cups, using X-Rite’s Cup and Cylinder Fixture with the eXact has saved them 12 employee hours a day. This savings comes from the time it used to take to cut a square from each cup and lay it flat to measure, multiplied by the number of color checks per hour, per press. This tremendous cost savings is on top of the thousands of cups they save each day, and the positive impact on the environment since they package and sell the samples instead of destroying them. 

Capture Actionable Color Data

X-Rite’s Cup and Cylinder Fixture integrates with other X-Rite solutions, including InkFormulation software, ColorCert, NetProfiler, and Color iQC quality assurance software, to further streamline manufacturing workflows

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