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The MA-T5 multi-angle spectrophotometer for automotive refinishers offers color imaging to effectively measure color, sparkle, and coarseness.


The MA-T5, designed for automotive refinishers, is a five-angle color imaging multi-angle spectrophotometer designed to measure color, sparkle, and coarseness characteristics. This product is available to exclusive X-Rite partners. To learn more, please contact our sales team.


3rd Party Software Supported SDK for Windows
Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Life >=800 6-angle measurements (continuous measurements at 10s intervals) 
Calibration Internal calibration
Color Differences n/a
Communication Interface TFT color display
Dimensions (length, width, height) 266mm x 95mm x 128mm
Humidity 80% relative humidity
Illuminants A, C, D65, D50, F2, F7, F11, F12
Illumination Colors white
Illumination Spot Size Pick-up field size: diam. ≈12 mm
Instrument Display TFT color display with resistive touch, 3.5 inch diagonal
Inter-Instrument Agreement Avg. 0.18 ΔE* on BCRA Tile Set
Lamp Life 10 years
Languages Supported DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, CHS, JA, KR
Light Source LED
Measurement Frequency in Scanning Mode 10°C - 35°C
Measurement Geometry r45as-15, r45as15, r45as25, r45as45, r45as75, r45as110
Measurement Spot Pick-up field size: diam. ≈12 mm
Measurement Time 5.5 sec
Observers 2°, 10°
Photometric Range 400 nm - 700 nm
Photometric Resolution 10 nm
Sample/Measurement 1,000
Short Term Repeatability - White 0.04 dE*  10 consecutive measurements on BCRA white
Standards 200
Storage Temperature Range -20°C - 50°C
Unit Color black
Warranty 12 months
Weight 1.3 kg
What's Included? Calibration reference, white tile for spectral
USB cable
Documentation: Quick Start Guide
Screen protector: one mounted, on spare
Wrist strap 

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