What Plates are Supported in the Database?

Q:  What plates are supported in the PlateScope database?

A:  As of this writing (12/14/2007, v6.1) the following plate types are supported in the PlateScope instrument.



Screening Technologies


Q. What about other plate types not currently supported?

A. PlateScope is designed as an upgradeable instrument and we are constantly working to support plate types not currently in the instrument. As these become available, they will be listed on our website and can be downloaded and loaded into the instrument.

Other plate and screening technologies may be measured utilizing the Generic AM and Generic FM settings in the instrument. This may not provide as accurate measurements as those with the proper plate type selected but will provide repeatable results.


 *NOTE: Follow the link below to view LUT notes and a list of currently listed plates.

PlateScope v6.1 LUT notes and LUT v3.0 supported plates.pdf

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