The ATD News Reporting Tool


This is a utility tool that allows the users of the Press Tool to be able to view a consolidated report of scans as opposed to viewing of single scans via the Press Tool.

Main Screen

The main screen has three main list boxes that allow you to specify filtering criteria. This implies that you can look at the scans for a specific Print ID and for a specific or all locations. At least one section page entry must be selected in order to create a report. If you do not select at least one section/page item from the list, you will find that the Create Report button is disabled.


Apart from these filters, the program allows the user to select between different means of data representation.

·        The report can output the actual density values for each zones and colors or view the difference. The radio buttons allows either Actual data or difference data.


·        The report can include or exclude Target/Tolerance information.


·        Balance alarms for each zone, indicating whether that zone is out of balance or in balance, can be shown.

·        The report can include/exclude all passing or failing scans


·        Apart from this, the user can view the report in an Excel Spreadsheet or in a XML format using a browser.


·        The Launch Associated Application check box allows the application to trigger the associated application to view the report after creating the files.


·        The reports can be generated for a specified interval of time or for all times.


When Create Report button is pushed, the save file dialog appears.

This will allow you to save the file with only the extension depending on the Report Format selected. If XML is selected then report files with .xml extensions are created. Similarly, if comma separated format is selected, the .csv extension is used.

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