Resetting the DTP12, DTP32, DTP36, & DTP51

The X-Rite DTP strip reading instruments interface to nearly 100 different software platforms. As these instruments can be remotely configured via their RS232-C command language, it is possible that one software package or another may leave the unit in an operational mode that is not compatible with some additional software package. On the plus side, most software authors "assume" that the DTP unit is new from the factory. That is they expect a certain set of operational parameters to be in effect. It is quite easy to return any X-Rite unit to these settings and this is called a factory reset (or preset). To perform an instrument reset proceed as follows:
  • Apply power to the instrument.
  • From the MAIN MENU press the left-most key until you reach "p3".
  • On "p3", press the center pair of keys (keys 2 & 3). This will access the unit's BIT MENU (Burn In Test).
  • Press key 2, beneath the word "burn".
  • Press key 4, beneath the word "exit". The unit will prompt "Load Factory Presets yes no".
  • Press key 3, beneath the word "yes". The unit will preset its factory defaults... it will then ask if you wish to "erase strips".

    If you have custom strips loaded in the unit answer "no" else answer "yes".

    The unit will complete preset and return to the BIT MENU.
  • Press two right keys (MENU) to return to normal operation.
Important Note:Following reset, the unit MUST be re-calibrated before it will function correctly. Failure to calibrate prior to measuring with some software packages may cause apparent software errors.

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