Resetting the 890 series instruments

How to reset an 890 series Densitometer
Resetting the 890 Series Instruments

To perform an instrument reset proceed as follows:

  • Press the two right-hand keys at the same time to ensure you are at the Main CHANNEL MENU.
  • Next... press the left-most key until you reach the page with the "cal" prompt. 
  • (Note: different 890 series units and some OEM units will have 3-5 pages. In any event, you are seeking the page with the prompt "cal" above the third key).
  • Here, simultaneously press and release the two center keys (keys 2 & 3).

    This puts you into the BIT MENU (Burn In Test).
  • Press the key beneath the word BURN.
  • Next press the two center "reset" keys Simultaneously.
  • Then press the key beneath the word EXIT.
  • Next press the key beneath the word YES to reset RAM.
  • After the unit completes the reset it should return to the main menu.
  • If you are hooked to a printer or software you will need to reprogram the instrument for communication.

    **Note is is critical that the densitometer be re-calibrated following a reset,

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