How to remove a monitor profile on Mac OSX

Unhappy with monitor profile and wants to switch to an older one or the default profile.First to go back to the generic profile or another profile go to Apple > System Preferences > Displays > Color.  Here you will see a light of profiles in the center of the screen, the one that is highlighted is the one the computer is currently using.  To change to another one just click it so it is hightlighted.  If you are using an iMac the name of the generic profile will be actually show just iMac on it. You do not need to use the "Open Profile" option in this window as that will simply open the ColorSync utility to view the profile.  
If you want to delete the profile you need to navigate to the location where it is stored which is a hidden ~Library folder.  Navigate to this location:
As stated, these are hidden Library folders however, the easiest way to temporarily reveal the ~/Library folder is to open Finder. On the menu bar, at the top, select Go to reveal the drop-down menu and then hold down the Option key (marked ALT) and you will see the ~/Library folder appear. You may now select this ~/Library folder with your mouse or trackpad.
As soon as you release the Option key, the ~/Library folder will be hidden once more.  Once you delete the file if you restart the computer it will automatically reload the generic computer that came with the monitor by default.

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