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G7 Kit for X-Rite IntelliTrax Auto Scanning

Download: G7™ Kit for X-Rite IntelliTrax Auto Scanning

Version: NA

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: 1/22/2009

File Type: PC - ZIP File

Download: PC Version

Notes: This Zip file contains tools and instructions for using your IntelliTrax to support the G7™ Process.

IntelliTrax Auto Scanning allows for fast measurements of color bars, profiling targets and the P2P Custom Targets for G7™ . The IntelliTrax allows monitoring of daily print runs to ensure that the job is printing within the guidelines of the G7™ Process. Quickly and easily review the results of measurements for the three gray patches defined by IDEAlliance for the G7™ Process Control (Highlight Range (HR – 50/40/40), Highlight Contrast (HC – 25/19/19) and Shadow Contrast (SC – 75/66/66) and the Neutral Print Density of the corresponding black screen tint. Easily measure the P2P targets on the Press Sheet and output the CGATS file to IDEALink Curve Software from IDEAlliance.

Content included in this download:

  • X-Rite G7™ color bars for use with the IntelliTrax Auto Scanning system

  • G7™ Need to Know Training overview – How to Use the G7™ features within IntelliTrax

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