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Connecting a 530 to Intellitrax

1. Connect the DB9 connector from the interface cable to the hand-held I/O port on back of the docking station. Secure with the thumbscrews. As an alternative, you can connect the DB9 connector directly to a serial port on the host computer.


2. Insert the modular connector from the interface cable into the I/O port on the back of the hand-held instrument.

3. Plug the input connector from the 12V switching power supply into the proper location on the interface cable.

4. Plug the detachable line cord into the 12V switching power supply and then plug the line cord into the AC wall receptacle.

5. For the 530 hand-held, verify that the instrument’s serial port protocol is set to ICP (default is RCI). Refer to Section Four in the Hand-held Operator’s manual for procedure on setting the protocol.

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