Computer Lock-ups - IntelliTrax

Locked up IntelliTrax computers can be caused by the following conditions:

  1. The docking station button gets stuck down (this is the button that you would click to start a scan if you don’t use the measure button in the software).

  2. The hardware can lose connection with the computer. This will cause the software to appear locked up (until the software gives up and gives you an error that it has lost connection to the hardware).

  3. It's possible that an ok sheet was being set or ink units were being changed during job setup.

  4. The computer could be having memory issues.


Issue 1:

  1. Was the button in the software or the hardware used to measure the sheet?
    a. If the hardware was used, please use the software button for a while and see if the problem goes away.
    b. If you use the software, never the hardware, then this is not the problem.

Issue 2:

  1. Was a scan taking place at the time of the software lock up? If so there could be a bad energy chain.

  2. Did the windows task panel indicate that the network connection was lost when the software locked up? If yes then there might be an RF or noise issue that is causing the connection to drop.

Issue 3:

  1. If an ok sheet being set or ink units were being changed
    a. Let the software go for a couple of minutes and it will timeout. When this happens do you get an error message?
    b. If you do get an error message then run through the Auto Archive and Optimize database procedure.

Issue 4:

  1. Are there any other programs being run on the computers. Has anti-virus software been added? Has the computer been rebooted recently?
    a. Try rebooting the computer
    b. Disable any other software that could be running

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