Calibrating The PlateScope (XRD60)

Calibrating the PlateScope (XRD60)

Calibration Mode: You only need to calibrate the instrument if the measurement performance is in question, if it has been dropped or if it received an excessive jarring. A calibration is completed by measuring a variety of patches on the calibration card.

NOTE: Make sure you use the calibration card that was supplied with the instrument for calibrating. Do not substitute a calibration card from another instrument. The serial number on the card should match the cal plaque number displayed in the Info screen.

You do not need to select any specific plate from the LUT. The data from the Calibration Reference plate is programmed into the PlateScope in manufacturing. While in Calibration Mode, all LUT settings will be ignored. After calibration, the former settings will become active again.

Click on the link below for more details on the calibration process.

PlateScope calibration process


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