890U CNFG is locked

The 890 series can have the settings locked to prevent users from
changing the settings.  How do you unlock or re-lock it to change a setting?
CNFG IS LOCKED, and settings can not be changed 890

Start at the Main Menue "P1 PAP FILM Bal".

Press the first button(P1) on the left until you get to a display that shows "P3 CNFG CAL".

Then Press the button under "CNFG".

Now Press the button under "P1" until the display reads "P2d Baud LOCK". 

Next take a Cal strip or Control strip, and insert this strip into the opening. Press the button under "lock" and if you look on the display right above the word lock you will see a small lock that should now be open. The CNFG settings can be locked back up the same way.

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