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Upgrade - i1Pro to i1Publish Pro2

Users need to follow a specific sequence of steps to upgrade an i1Pro to an i1Publish Pro 2.  There is a software upgrade followed by the license transfer from the legacy i1Pro to the new i1Pro2 hardware. 

In order to upgrade your i1Pro hardware to the i1Publish Pro2 hardware/software bundle there is two important, and separate, steps.  The user will need to upgrade the license in the old i1Pro to include i1Publish using the upgrade code (xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx) and then transfer those licenses to the new i1Pro2 device.  Make sure that the current version of i1Profiler is installed.  If needed, it can be downloaded here.

 Please follow these steps:
  1. Connect the old i1Pro and open i1Profiler.  DO NOT connect the new i1Pro2 device yet.
  2. Select “Upgrade License” in the Licensing section of the i1Profiler home page
  3. Make sure that the “i1Pro or i1Pro2 as dongle” is selected at the top of the window.  Type the “Upgrade code” into the appropriate boxes, fill out the required fields, and then select the “Activate” button in the lower right corner.  The i1Profiler home page will display all green checks in the Licensing.
  4. Connect the new i1Pro2 to the computer (keep the old i1Pro connected as well).
  5. Click on the “Transfer License” button in the Licensing section of the i1Profiler home page.
  6. Select the “Transfer” button in the lower right corner.  All licensing will be transferred from the old i1Pro to the new i1Pro2.

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