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Measuring Gloss with Color iControl Software

How do I measure gloss in iQC/iMatch software with a ColorEye XTH, i5 or i7 instrument?This measurement option is available with the ColorEye XTH, Color i5, and Color i7.

1) Open a new job. Go to the Spectro menu and choose Select Mode.
2) In the Choose Calibration Mode window click the Add New button down in the bottom left hand corner. This opens the Calibration Mode Properties box.
3) Select the following settings:
- Remove the check next to "Enable auto configuration by spectrophotometer"
- R/T Mode = Reflectance
- Specular Condition = Included
- Extended Measurements = SCI/SCE
- UV Filer Pos/UV Energy = UVD65/Cal/UVCal
4) Click OK to close this window.
5) Click CLOSE on the Choose Calibration Mode window.
6) Now in the STANDARD/MULTI-TRIAL VIEW right click and select PROPERTIES.
7) Add the GLOSS 60 attribute to both the standard and the trial. 8) Measure a standard and a trial as normal.
9) The Correlated Gloss value will be displayed.

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