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Downloading standards to a portable spectro

To download or transfer standards to a portable spectro using Color iControl version 7.0 and higher.

Transferring Standards

1. Only standards can be transferred to the portable spectro. In an e-Job you need to select the standards you want to transfer and show them in views. Only the standards currently shown in views will be transferred.

2. Go to the menu Data then down to Transfer Data to Portable Spectro (or use the short cut key CTRL+D)

3. You will get a Download to Portable Spectro dialog box. This box will show:

a. The total number of standards to be transferred to the spectro.

b. The total number of available space for standards. Maximum is 300 standards in the portable at one time.

c. The total number of standards currently stored in the spectro.

d. The total number of trials currently stored in the spectro.

e. Next to current number of standards and trials info will be an Erase button. You can choose to erase all currently stored standards, trials or both.

f. A note stating "The Auto-Find Standard feature in the SP62/64 requires SPI/SPE standard data". (See note on Auto Std below)

g. Click Begin button to begin the transfer of standards. You will get a progress bar during the transfer. Once the transfer is complete the area displaying the total number of current standards will update.

h. Exit button will exit the Download to portable spectro box

Transferring Tolerances:

1. If tolerances for standards are also to be transferred you need to save the tolerance to the standards in Color iControl prior to transferring. Go to the properties of the standard and under the Stored Tolerances tab enter in the DE*, DEcmc, DL*a*b* or DL*C*h* tolerances. Note that DL*a*b* or DL*C*h* tolerances can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

2. If tolerances for standards are also to be transferred you also need to set the current e-Job Pass/Fail QC settings to the pass/fail tolerances you want transferred. For example if you want DEcmc tolerances transferred then select DEcmc as the e-Job pass/fail. If you want DL*a*b* tolerances transferred select Rectangular (DL*a*b*).

Using Auto Std in the Portable

1. The Auto Std in the portable spectro requires specular included and excluded data to search for the correct standard. In Color iControl you must have standards that have both SCI and SCE data.

2. To setup measurements for SCI/SCE go to Spectro and Select Mode. Edit a mode or create a new mode for SCI/SCE. The Spectular Condition should be set to Included and the Extended Measurements set to SCI/SCE.

Note: The name of the standard is limited to 20 characters in the portable. Standards with names longer than 20 characters in the software will be truncated in the portable. Samples measured in the portable will be associated to the name of the standard in the portable. If the name is truncated then sample associations to the correct standard will not work in the software. We recommend you name your standards with 20 characters or less in the software prior to loading into the portable.

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