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DDC and/or ADC Issues With i1Profiler

Customer would like to know what ADC and DDC can do to the profiling process

DDC (Display Data Channel) and X-Rite’s “ADC” (Automatic Display Calibration) protocols are designed to simplify and streamline the display calibration process.  Not all DDC enabled monitors work well with ADC.  There are some limitations that can sometimes be attributed to the graphics card, connection type, the monitor’s implementation of DDC, as well as ADC functionality. 

If there is a suspected problem with the way ADC is handled by a video system (display-video card-cabling), try the following suggestions:  

  1. In the “Measurement” step, select the “Adjust brightness, contrast, and RGB gains manually”. This will unselect "Automatic Display Control (ADC)"  
  2. Uncheck the contrast or RGB options if so desired.  DO NOT unselect the option to adjust brightness manually…this must remain selected.
  3. Click “Next” to save these settings and begin the profiling process.
  4. Create a new display profile.

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