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Aladdin Hasp Dongle Errors

Customers have seen their console fill with errors pertaining to "Aladdin Hasp dongle" that may sometimes cause the computer to crash

Users running i1Display Pro with Mac OSX 10.6 (and higher) can sometimes see their console log is filling up with errors regarding Aladdin hasp drivers as well as crashing the system entirely.

Updating to the latest Aladdin dongle driver that is compatible on Lion and higher will resolve this issue. Please use the link below to take you to the lastest driver:


Once the driver update is complete, i1DisplayPro should no longer cause this issue.

If the issue persists after updating the Aladdin driver, navigate to the following location:

Mac HD/Library/Application Support

Delete the "HASP" folder. 

Navigate to the following location:

Mac HD/Library/LaunchDaemons

Delete the following files and empty the Trash:


"com. Aladdin.hasplmd.plist"


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