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Model #: erx40


Inline spectrophotometer for the measurement of color, whiteness and brightness during the pulp manufacturing process for early identification and correction of disturbances.

ERX40 Inline Color Measurement of Paper Pulp Delivers Early Warning of Color Shifts

In paper production, color information is first available at the pulp stage. While the readings are not the same as on finished paper, a color shift in the pulp is an indication that there will be a color shift in the wet paper and final product. Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) can also be measured at this stage.

 Designed specifically to meet the needs of pulp manufacturing, the ERX40 spectrophotometer is mounted in a stainless steel housing and measures in-line, directly into the thick pulp (concentration of 3% to 5%) through a bypass system, measuring color, whiteness and optical brightness.

When used with ESWin QC software, the ERX40 enables accurate, often automatic, color adjustments that improve manufacturing output and reduce waste due to color drift.


Pulp measurement during the manufacturing process offers many benefits, including:

  • Early identification of disturbances in the pulp manufacturing process to enable fast corrections and reduced waste.
  • Blending two lines of raw material, such as dark and light, to a constant level for increased product quality.
  • Controlling the addition of waste without significantly changing the color of the total pulp.
  • Visualization of the homogeneity of the pulp after each dye addition to ensure optimum dye consumption.
  • External calibration is only necessary every 4 weeks for maximum instrument uptime.

The ERX40 delivers excellent short-term stability due to its use of real dual beam measurement, and its automatic wavelength calibration ensures exceptional measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX40 is the must-have color measurement instrument that enables objective color assessment for pulp manufacturing and is the ideal complement to the ERX50 inline measurement system for paper machines.


Short Term Repeatability - White dL*, da*, db* < 0.03
Measurement Geometry 45°/0°
Measurement Time flash
Measurement Working Distance 10mm
Spectral Interval 330-730
Spectral Range 1nm

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With the ERX50 inline spectrophotometer, ESWin Closed-Loop Color Control software automatically controls up to 3 dyes plus optical brightening agents for automated colorant adjustments.

ESWin QC Software

ESWin QC Software

ESWin QC is a customizable software solution that enables color and statistical measurement control when combined with an X-Rite inline instrument.

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