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X-Admin Cannot Initiate Backup - Master Series Software

The Velocis database engine (hereafter called the Engine) is completely responsible for managing access to all X-RiteColor Master, QA-2000, QA-Master, and Metallix-QC data files.  If a user deletes or moves files that are associated with the database management mechanism, a variety of errors can be produced.  Below are listed the several errors thus far observed and following that a means by which the system can be corrected.

Observed Errors

The root cause of the above errors is that a file or files normally managed by the Engine has been moved or deleted.  When the Engine attempts to begin its backup script, it looks to LOCK all files under its care.  Failure to locate and lock the moved or deleted files begins the error cascade.  A workaround for this condition is quite straightforward. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the database administration tool from the "Options" dropdown dialog.


  1. Login.


  1. Take careful note of the following screen grab!  On this PC there are six (6) databases being managed by the Engine.  They are all located on the "C:" drive but each in its own directory.  Either carefully write down the details of this dialog (ON YOUR COMPUTER) or make a screen grab and print it for reference.


  1. Exit the X-Rite application and launch Windows Explorer.  Navigate to EACH of the paths listed in your notes or screen grab.


Of greatest importance is that the "CM1.dbd" (example only) exists. Refer to image below listed item #3.  It is this file, and those others listed in image #3 that the Engine is attempting to locate and LOCK.

Repeat the search for EACH database ("*.dbd" file) that appears in the third image!  Take care that the files exist and that they have not been moved to a new folder on the hard disk.  Should a file or files be missing from the list (as maintained by the database Engine) the errors described above will result.  Again the fix is simple.  Assume for example that the "PELtech" file is missing or has been moved.

  1. Return to the administration tool as shown. Highlight the offending file and select the "Remove" option.  If more than one file is affected, repeat the highlight and remove process until all such files are deleted from the list.


  1. Close and restart the X-Rite application. Again access the administrative program.  It should now be possible to perform a backup without further difficulty.

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