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Velocis Database Server Will Not Start

XServer, XAdmin - "Can't start Database Server"

The X-RiteColor Master database is managed by a 'Velocis' database engine.  This same engine may be used by a variety of other software applications.  At least one, 'ARCserve 2000 ', is known to cause conflicts depending on its installation configuration.  For efficiency this backup program may be installed to use "Named Pipes" as a transport protocol.  If this is the case other required transports (used by X-Rite) may have been disabled. To troubleshoot:

If 'ARCserve 2000 ' exists on the server then...

  1. Open a DOS command window and navigate to the folder containing your installation of 'XServer '. 
  2. At the command line type "vping" followed by the [Enter] key.  Text similar to the following should result:

Local: Enabled
TCP/IP: Enabled, Packet Size: 8192

Named Pipes: Enabled, Name Services: Disabled
SPX: Enabled
NetBIOS: Enabled

Available Aliases
XRCMWEB (Encryption: off):
1. Protocol: TCP/IP
Host: localhost, Port: 1530

XCM5 requires the highlighted items be enabled and set as shown if the 'XServer ' application is to operate correctly.  If this is not the case the continue with step #3 in attempting to resolve the connection problem.

  1. Use Microsoft Explorer to locate the "connect.ini" file installed by the 'ARCserve 2000 '  software. 
  2. Open the file using 'Notepad '.  Verify that this file has disabled or otherwise reconfigured the items shown highlighted above.
  3. Before making any changes to this file, contact the manufacturer of ' ARCserve 2000 ' to ensure that edits to this configuration connection file will not adversely affect the operation of this application.

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