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Using the BestMatch Function - eXact

Question:  How do I use the BestMatch option in my X-Rite eXact?

Answer:  X-Rite provides a unique function in their X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer that can help the press operator achieve color match on press by just changing the density of the ink.

Many times a press operator is faced with a dilemma. Can they achieve the color the client wants on press with the current inks or do they need to run a spot color? Or, if they are running a spot color, can the proper color be achieved with the ink on press or do they need to clean the ink fountain and reformulate the ink being used?

The BestMatch function will help the press operator decide this very quickly. It will indicate how to adjust the ink to achieve optimum color match and the predicted results after the ink levels are adjusted. To use BestMatch, do the following:

The display will now show the following information:

This function can be an invaluable tool to the pressman during color matches. It is simple to use and understand and can save valuable time by identifying an ink that will never meet color match or quickly provide the information necessary to adjust the press to achieve it.

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