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Symbols That Appear in Front of Recipe Names - InkFormulation 6

Several different types of recipes can be created in IFS. Symbols to designate the types are often not understood.

The following symbols are used:


> Ink must be contained in recipe
  • It is now possible in the Colorant selection window (during recipe calculation) to determine components, which must be present in the recipe. For this purpose the required component must be selected and the Modify button clicked. A window appears, in which, in addition to restriction of the concentration, it can be stated whether the component is to appear in every recipe. If more than one component is specified, it means that at least one must be contained in the recipe.
$ Ink leftover
~ Ink taken from another assortment
+ Pallet recipe

Note: If the use of ink leftovers is set, all ink leftovers are automatically preselected with use in every recipe.

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