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Signal Light Installation - AutoControl / Teleflash

Installing and Configuring a Signal Light in Autocontrol software.

1. Shut down AutoControl and G-Monitor software.

2. In file Explorer locate the Autocontrol folder.
    Find the optrocon.ini (Open this file in notepad)
    Find the section [GMONITOR]
    There is an entry that looks like the example below;
    delete the "  ; " semi-colon
    By deleting the " ; " semi-colon the software will now recognize the signal lamp.
    After the change is made be sure to SAVE the optrocon.ini file.

3. Start GMonitorU
    Open the Service Window Menu
    -> Select the Option DD-box menu
        -> Select signal light
            -> Select Setup
    You may be prompted to select a driver file from a list.
    Select DD - Ampel ( Ampel => signal light )
    Set Type to DD signal light
    Set Port to the DD-box port
    Press more
    If you have a single Red signal lamp you are ready,  -> press ok
    If you have a multiple lamp tree you can activate the green light by setting the green lamp to A16
    To activate the yellow light set the yellow lamp to A12
    Press ok button
    Hardware configuration is complete.

4. From the main menu Select
    -> Option DD-box
        -> Signal light
             -> Test
                    Test the signal light

5. Start Autocontrol
    Open the Service Window Menu
        Select -> service
            Select -> setup
    Switch On the option  "enable warn lights"
    This will allow Autocotrol to send a signal to G-Monitor when measurements/ jobs are being run that contain Pass/Fail information.

6. To use the yellow lamp as a warning light 
    From the Autocontrol main menu
    Select menu ->
        Select Service ->
            Display parameters
     Enter a warning limit with a value , like 75 or 80, this means that if a difference is greater 75.01% or 80.01 % of the PASS limit, but lower than FAIL limit the trend line will display yellow and the yellow lamp will be activated.

7. Configuration is ready

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