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Lamp replacment for the 331C

How to change a 331C Lamp?

Lamp Replacement

A spare Lamp Assembly (P/N 331C-129) can be obtained from X-Rite should your lamp fail. Replace as follows:

1. Unplug the AC adapter from the instrument.

2. Remove the bottom cover from the instrument by removing the four screws.

3. Unplug the lamp connector from the P.C.B. assembly.

4. Remove the screws holding the lamp assembly. Remove the lamp assembly.

CAUTION: Make sure the new lamp surface is clean. Remove smudge marks with alcohol on a lint-free cloth.

5. Install the new lamp into the lamp chamber assembly with the screws removed in step 4.

6. Attach the lamp connector to the lamp plug on the P.C.B. assembly.

7. Secure the bottom cover to the instrument with the four screws removed in step 2.

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