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eXact Registration/Activation

Registering and Connecting the eXact instrument to the eXact Manager software.

 X-Rite eXact Registration/Activation

The eXact instrument must be activated in order to take full advantage of the features built into the eXact Manager software. In cases where eXact customers do not have internet access, there is a manual method to activate their instrument. When an instrument has not been registered/activated, the following screen will appear when launching eXact Manager software.

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If the customer has an internet connection, they simply click Register, and their instrument will be registered after logging into their "My X-Rite" account. If they do not have an internet connection, clicking Manual activation… will cause the following screen to appear.
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This screen shows the instrument serial number and Registration code. Please note that this registration code contains the date and time of first use in an encrypted format.

It is also possible to see this Registration code in an unregistered instrument. If you tap on the i (information) button in the diagnostics section, the registration code will be displayed along with serial number, firmware version, etc. When activated, a flag is set in the instrument. This allows the operator to move the instrument from one computer to another and use eXact manager software. When this flag has been set, the registration number no longer appears in the display. This allows you to verify if an instrument has or has not been activated without connecting to software.


The first step will be to register the instrument. You will need the instrument serial number and registration code shown in the above screen grab.

Navigate to the registration area of our website. You will need to enter the date of purchase, serial number and registration code. Note that while you can enter a date that occurs in the past, the registration page will no longer allow you to enter a date that occurs in the future. (In this case I entered a date that is 10 day past.)
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Click Continue to proceed.


You can then select any information that the customer may be interested in receiving. User-added image










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