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Errors in Reading Targets (on Coated Canvas)

Errors in Reading Targets (on Coated Canvas)

It is possible to find that you might encounter a greater number of read errors when measuring a freshly printed color target that is printed on an inkjet printer, when printed on canvas material.

There are a wide variety of canvas materials with many different coating technologies, and inks can take longer to fully mature on the sheet, than would be found with inkjet papers. If measurement on a photo gloss paper went smoothly, but didn't on a canvas, the chemical reaction between ink and substrate may be a significant factor.

It seems as though a combination of substrate and coating can require additional drying time before accurate measurements can be done in strip mode. Some users have found that it took 3 days for full drying before they were able to do the measurements successfully.

This is likely due to the differences between a water-based coating and a solvent-based coating. Solvents will evaporate more quickly and completely, but with obvious odor and potential health issues, so more users will attempt using the water-based coatings in the future.

From our own findings, as well as those of X-Rite customers who have contacted us, the most drying time seems to be beneficial for printing on a gloss canvas with water-based inkjet inks (found in Canon, Epson, HP) desktop and professional printers.

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