Watch this on-demand retail paint webinar to learn about our most popular retail paint matching spectrophotometers, including our new i1 Paint and top-selling MetaVue.

You'll learn:

  • How quickly i1 Paint can capture color measurements on common samples, like color cards and fan decks.
  • How easy it is to measure complex samples like plush animals, multi-colored patterns, and very small items using MetaVue.
  • How to set your paint counter apart from the competition.

In diesem Webinar genannte Produkte


i1 Paint

Für die Messung gängiger Proben im Farbenfachhandel



Für die Messung von Bautenanstrichmittelfarben


ColorDesigner PLUS

Zur Rezeptierung von Bautenanstrichmittelfarben im Verkauf

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