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ArtPrize Eight: A Story About Color

October 14, 2016 by X-Rite Color

We’re intrigued by color, and that’s no surprise. From starting conversations to subconsciously moving people to make decisions, color inspires and motivates people on a daily basis. As a company, we want to help our customers understand this impact. Through our work with artists, designers, brand owners, and manufacturers, we define and control color, and this event was a great opportunity to showcase this passion.


That’s part of the reason we get so involved in ArtPrize as sponsors, volunteers, and visitors. ArtPrize always brings color to the forefront by executing it in unique, functional, and interesting ways, and this year was no different.

Once again we were on the scene, offering fun ways to explore the role color plays in all of our lives. Here are some of the ways we observed, discussed, and interacted with color at ArtPrize Eight.

Pantone® Pathways

Using the power of color, ArtPrize guided visitors around the city with our signature Pantone Pathways. These chalk on sidewalk applications created a color-coded road map to help visitors explore 170 venues in search of their favorite ArtPrize entry.

With X-Rite’s headquarters less than 10 miles away from the ArtPrize headquarters, many X-Rite employees hit the town. Using the Pathways to wander the streets of the ArtPrize neighborhoods, many were surprised and delighted by the Pathway application during personal exploration and employee-based volunteering.


“For me, volunteering at ArtPrize gave our team the opportunity to combine work and play. I was able to appreciate and notice both the consistencies (and inconsistencies!) of the artwork, which made the entire event more fun.” – Katie, Digital Content Specialist

Neighborhood HUBs

Adding focus to the Pathways, neighborhood HUBs brought the Pantone Pathway applications off the ground to eye level.


Our digital team had the opportunity to interact with visitors while handing out brochures from the Grand Rapids Art Museum HUB. “We were surprised by the number of Pantone Pathway questions we received,” says X-Rite graphic designer Alex Clemons. “A lot of people were looking to follow certain Pathway Routes, and it was great to not only provide them with added direction, but also with a bit of X-Rite Pantone background.”


Distributed at HUBs throughout the city, Viewfinders served as traveling frames to capture art, scenery, and landscapes.


The Viewfinders were also the basis of our X-Rite Pantone social media photo content. Not only did visitors submit over 150 entries to the ArtPrize community conversation, but our very own Coloratti judged all Viewfinder photos with the #COLORYOURPATH hashtag, looking for the most creative and interesting uses of color, light, textures, and shapes.

And here are a few of our submissions. Thanks to all who participated!

instagram-notsorandompics4 instagram-natashaalavarez instagram-notsorandompics5

As ArtPrize Eight comes to an end, we look forward to next year, and the story color will tell at ArtPrize Nine.

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