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Perfetti Van Melle is an Italian manufacturer of confectionery and gum with corporate headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Specializing in many regional brands with innovative local flavors, their global brands are distributed to 150 countries around the world. For years, they evaluated packaging color when it arrived from the printer, extending approval times and increasing costs. They knew they needed a better way to implement their color management strategy to improve consistency and help printers take ownership of quality.

Since implementing X-Rite solutions, Perfetti Van Melle is building stronger partnerships with their suppliers, improved color quality, and saved them a tremendous amount of time. Preliminary results on 40-50% of their total amount of printed SKUs show 100% clearer expectations and an 80% improvement in color deviation.

“X-Rite solutions have helped us be more pragmatic about color quality and management. Thanks to our eXact measurement devices and NetProfiler software, we have been able to dramatically reduce color deviation and objectively rank each single printing supplier. Now all of them are clearly aware of our expectations and via ColorCert we can continue to improve brand color consistency. We are really very satisfied about the outcomes and we are confident to go ahead successfully on our brand color consistency strategy.”

~ Angelo Mazzacani, Packaging Production Director at Selection – Perfetti Van Melle

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