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Matching your customers’ samples can be difficult, especially with the demands to meet today’s increasingly complex color palettes. We know you need to hit that color, fast. Stop wasting time on iterations and start hitting your matches in less time with our formulation solutions.


Formulating with Color iMatch is as easy as this:

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1. Pick your colorants from your iMatch database.

2. Prep your mixes and make drawdowns over white and black using data obtained through iMatch.

3. Measure the drawdowns with a Ci7800 (or another manufacturer's instrument) synced with iMatch and create the colorants.

4. Match colors with the click of a button.


These solutions are critical to an efficient formulation process:  

color imatchi1Match Formulation Software

The most critical ingredient to formulation success, formulation software makes formulating color a breeze.





A Handheld Measurement Instrument

Color iMatch works with any manufacturer's instrument, but the Ci6x family is an adaptable and convenient way to accurately measure color. 




A Benchtop Measurement Instrument 

Color iMatch is compatible with any instrument but our Ci7x00 family is the best on the market. 




Performance Monitoring Software 

There is nothing else on the market like this! Keep your instrument in good health and monitor performance with NetProfiler software. 



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Recipes for all Color Matchers

Here are key insights to help you optimize your formulation enviornment. 


Upcoming LIVE webinar: The Ticket to Reducing Formulation Steps
Attend this webinar to learn how formulation software helps color matchers be more efficient – reducing the number of steps it takes to get a first match, utilizing current supply to reduce waste, and making it easier to manage color data. 
February 28 at 10am ET  

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Computer-Aided Software 
How many trial and error steps does it take you to formulate a color? If you answered more than three, it might be time to enlist the help of a computerized solution. 

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Color Management in a Plastics Workflow
This whitepaper outlines how many companies have streamlined their processes and started matching and achieving more accurate color across the supply chain.

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Meet tight color tolerances; Ci7800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer


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