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AxF Viewer

Name: AxF Viewer

Version: v1.1

Previous Version: v1.0.0

Release Date: December 5, 2019

File Type: Executable

Download File: PC Version


The AxF Viewer is a 3D viewer for AxF Materials. It allows users to visualize and swap 3D materials in a controlled scene with real-time rendering without the need to be an expert in computer graphics. Just drag-and-drop materials. Change the lighting to see how a material would look under different conditions.
The application supports AxF files up to version 1.7, except for translucent materials (AxF 1.6, volumetric scattering) which will be supported in a future release.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, only 64-bit systems
Memory: 8 GB or more recommended

  • NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce (AMD GPUs not tested by X-Rite)
  • min. 2GB RAM
  • OpenGL 4.0 or higher supported

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