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IntelliTrax System Firmware v09609

Download: IntelliTrax System Firmware

Version: v09609

Previous Version: v06502

Release Date: 6/9/2009

File Type:PC - ZIP file

Download: PC Version

Notes: Changes in v09609:

This maintenance release includes support for the following functions. If you do not have a need for these functions, you do not need to update the firmware.

• Unit will turn the vacuum pump off automatically if a measurement is completed and the system loses communication with the PC.

• Modified the minimum profile size that can be scanned in a profile or custom chart measurement. (note: need version 1.5 of software to use this feature).

Upgrading firmware always involves risk. If there is a communications glitch, it is possible that the system will be rendered inoperable. Do not upgrade unless you are certain that the firmware will improve your system performance. Finally, note that customers whose firmware version starts with "v05####" cannot upgrade their firmware in the field. These systems must be physically updated at a qualified X-Rite repair center.

To perform this upgrade you will make use of the "ToolCrib" application that ships as part of the IntelliTrax system.  More detailed information concerning the upgrade process may be found at the following location:  Upgrading ITX Firmware v09609

Important Note:

If you are running on a Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit or Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit please click here: Firmware Download Service Bulletin.

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