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Name: CxF2SCS_v274_b7

Version: v2.7.4 Build 7

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: January 3, 2018

File Type: PC - Windows MSI Installer Mac - Mac Package File

Download File: Mac Version PC Version


The CxF to Scorecard Server utility is designed to allow users of Color iControl to submit data to the ColorCert Scorecard via a CxF export.

This allows users of Color iControl to participate in brand programs where upload to a Scorecard is a requirement.

As Color iControl and ColorCert are two different packages not all of the feature sets of ColorCert are currently supported by this utility.


The following are not currently supported by this utility:

  • Scoring through Visual Check up
  • Scoring through Undertones


The current version of the CxF to Scorecard utility has only been tested with rules built using ColorCert 2.7x. Rules built using ColorCert 3.0 may work, but this has not been validated at the current time.

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